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I must return to to unfinished business. I’ve been way from the blog thanks to a trapped nerve in my neck. This was the outcome of a charm cast on me by a foul witch (hmm perhaps “fowl witch” is a more appropriate moniker) – I wasn’t aware that she had been studying the Dark Arts, but it may also explain how she found 12 Grimmauld Place so easily.
So, back to the unfinished business. The fowl witch (who really is a pain in the neck1) cast her charm as a feeble attempt to win the latest round of our contest. This could go on for a long time, but I had better end it now, before Matt realizes what he has done by allowing us to put up YouTube videos.

So, how to finish? I guess I could continue the Python theme, perhaps with a new trailer for an old film. Or perhaps a Lego adaptation of one of their musical numbers. Or how about Bohemian Rhapsody as Lego?
I could take another tack. There are certain songs and certain singers that should not be seen together – Britney Spears and Satisfaction (the Jacko video is just rubbing it in), Celine Dion and You Shook Me All Night Long (yes, an AC/DC cover). Or Henry Gee and almost anything.
We could go back to Mr. Shatner, and his string of misses: Mr. Tambourine man, Common People (yep, that one should have been pulped). Even more bizarrely, someone doing their impression of Shatner vying with Ms. Spears to fail to provide Satisfaction.
But no, there is something far, far worse. Something so horrible it has survived from the pre-youtube age. From a singer of whom it was written“:

Few artists ever gave such unalloyed pleasure as Florence Foster Jenkins, yet this extraordinary soprano had the wisdom not to overdo a good thing.

I could write more, but it is enough to present her as she was:

I will be merciful and spare you all more of this battle with Girlscientist. I feel I have already done enough to demonstrate that she would never win. No doubt the fowl witch will put up another half-hearted attempt to top this, and claim victory. But we all know it will just be an act of desperation – Mrs. Jenkins is not to be denied.

1 I’m only using that one so that nobody else will feel they have to.

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3 Responses to More Music

  1. Henry Gee says:

    I left you a comment but I eated it.

  2. Maxine Clarke says:

    I am all agog to know more about how you got this trapped nerve. What were you and Grrl up to? This is far more interesting than all these videos. (Which as part of my time-management stragety, I don’t watch on principle unless Mr Viggo Mortensen is guaranteed to be present). I think the links are nicer than the embedding, though, not least for one’s RSS reader.
    By the way, our news editor finally gave up on seeing last week’s front/back covers all over the internet, on front page of Times, etc, so she’s capitualated and put them on her Facebook profile pic.

  3. Bob O'Hara says:

    I was just having a stretch, and I assume Grrl was waving her wand.
    Stop sniggering at the back. We were on separate continents.

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