For the Bird(s)!

My arm is being twisted. ScienceBorgs are having their annual DonorsChoose Challenge, to help American children get an education. There are a pile of projects, mainly to help children in deprived areas, and give the schools a little extra help.

I’m supporting GrrlScientist, and you can too! Ra! Ra! Ra!
So, if you want to help American youth, go to her challenges and donate!
Not only will yo help US children learn about science, but you can also win prizes! And what do prizes mean?

Anyway, you just donate to one of her challenges and then send her an email with your mailing address after you’ve made a donation, and

  1. the person who donates the most wins a free book from Princeton University Press
  2. another book from PUP can be won by someone randomly chosen by one of Grrl’s parrots.
  1. And for every $20 you donate, you get a ticket in another draw. The prize for this one is the chance to get a Scanning Electron Micrograph, courtesy of the ASPEX Corporation. I’m sure Stephen, in particular, is excited by this possibility.

Plus, if Grrl (through us) can raise another $514 by Sunday, Hewlett-Packard will add $2000 to the amount. They must be nuts, but they’re a big corporation, so let’s exploit them!
The important thing, though, it what this money can do. It can make a difference to actual, real kids. Shocking, I know. But they do exist – even in the USA. And some of them may even grow up to be journal editors. All because of you.

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