Blogger in Paraphyly Shock

This is really a post advertising a couple of carnivals, but it contains a rather important result. Below is a parsimony tree of URLs for entries to the 20th Carnival of Evolution, where the blogs with mutliple entries are marked in different colours.

As you can see if you look carefully enough, Bjørn Østman’s blog is paraphyletic (that means the red branches that are from his blog don’t form their own group). This suggests that Bjørn’s blog has speciated into Darwin’s Bulldogs. No sign of a missing link, though.

Anyway, was hosted by Psi Wavefunction on Skeptic Wonder, and jolly good it is too.

If you want to see your place in the Tree of Blog, submit a post for the next edition, which will be hosted by Mauka to Makai.
The other carnival is one a lot of you have already seen: Kind of Curious hosted Scientia Pro Publica. several posts are from Nature Network, thanks folks for supporting it. Looking at the comments, Henry seems to think Stephen deserves to have spots.

The next Scientia will be hosted by GrrlScientist, so submit your posts now. If she gets enough entries, it’ll take her all of Sunday to write the post, so I can have some peace for the whole day.

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6 Responses to Blogger in Paraphyly Shock

  1. Stephen Curry says:

    …Henry seems to think Stephen deserves to have spots.
    Yeah, the spots thing is a bit of a problem. That’s why I grew a beard.

  2. Bob O'Hara says:

    You too, eh?

  3. Henry Gee says:

    Not just any old spots, but top spots.

  4. Stephen Curry says:

    Yes, thank God it wasn’t bottom spots…

  5. John KindOfCurious says:

    Bob, thanks for the advertisement for Scientia on my site. I have been submitting posts to several carnivals for a few months now. But I didn’t realize until I started writing up this Scientia carnival (my first attempt at hosting), that when you are published in a carnival, it is a good idea to advertise it on your own blog as you have. I am going to start doing this myself. Also, thanks for requesting submissions for Scientia. Your request definitely brought in some posts.

  6. Bob O'Hara says:

    Thanks, John. I should really do a better job of advertising it myself.
    So some on folks, submit!!!!one!!! waves fist

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