Scientia Pro Publica 2 is here!

(this is another post that was de-published: you can tell because it still has a comment. But it reminds me I should have advertised that Scientist 21 is up at Living the Scientific Life, despite the best efforts of our router. You should also consider submitting to the next Scientia too!)
Scientia Pro Publica 2, The Science, Nature and Medicine Blog Carnival is up at Grrlscientist’s blog.

It’s filled with far too much good science writing for me to handle, so I’m going to run away and enjoy the sun. But if you’re reading this, you’ve obviously got worse weather, or you’re in need of deep psychological help. So go over there, and follow the links to read the other posts. It won’t help psychologically, but it’ll keep you out of mischief.

The next instalment will appear on the first Monday in May (4 May) at, errm, Deep Thoughts and Silliness. If you’re lucky, I’ll manage to persuade the Beast to write it for me. He’s got nothing better to do.

Yeah, that’s what you think.
Meanwhile I’m off to enjoy the sun:

Cambridge: sunnier than Scunny.
Oh, as a bonus, this was the view from the dining room in Tvärminne last week:

Paid for by the Tvärminne Advertising and Tourism Authority

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  1. Eric Michael Johnson says:

    I was very sad when Tangled Bank left us the way of the Dodo. Grrl Scientist has done a great job of putting this all together.

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