There was lots of carnival action yesterday. More below the fold, as well as a new scheme to help make it easier to follow all these science and nature carnivals.

Most of you must already know that Scientia Pro Publica 22 appeared just down the street at Reciprocal Space. Sterling work from Stephen (including pone of my posts)! But there’s more:

The Carnival of Evolution was 21 yesterday, over at Mauka to Makai. Kelsey presents it all – and also includes a post of mine.
And last but not least, The Carnival of the Blue has a new issue and a new logo

They’re so proud – and they didn’t even include anything I wrote.
Finally, Grrl and I had an idea to follow all these carnivals: we’ve set up a twitter feed, @SciNatBlogs to advertise these carnivals.

The Carnival Concoction. Albert Almondia (2008).
Grrl has the announcement at her blog, so leave any thoughts and comments. We’d really like to get it semi-automated, but have no idea how to do it.
OK, now you can go off and read the good stuff. Something to do whilst the Nature Network site is down tomorrow.

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