Scientia Pro Publica Is Up

It’s here!
Well, actually it’s over there. This week’s host is Bjørn Østman of Pleiotropy (Bjørn also runs the Carnival of Evolution).
Image: wemidji (Jacques Marcoux)

Bjørn has done an excellent job putting together a large number of posts, and has also split them up into different posts, for different categories. It all looks very organized. Except he still managed to let one of my posts through. Obviously editorial review is a bad idea, and I hope Grrlscientist will tell him to remove it, and if he does it again he’s chucked out of the carnival for ever.

The next edition will be on April the 5th at 360 Degree Skeptic. To send your submissions to Scientia Pro Publica, use this automated submission form or email it directly to ScientiaBlogCarnival at gmail. Be sure to include the URL or “permalink”, the essay title and, to make life easier for me, please include a 2-3 sentence summary. If you wish to read the archived issues to see those contributions that were included previously, visit the Scientia website for links to archived carnivals.
Grrl and I have also been talking about the number of submissions, and decided that the carnival should move to being every week. This means we need more hosts.So please volunteer, either by emailing the carinval (ScientiaBlogCarnival at gmail), or leaving a comment below (or on Grrl’s blog).
EDIT: This is a plot of the number of posts in the carnival:
So not a record this time, but the carnival is still holding itself up.

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