So confused I want to vomit

This is a nice distraction from the Monday morning woes (not the normal woes, but that the wireless doesn’t like me: it’s not working at home for the second time in 6 months, and my work wireless doesn’t like my account either.Grrr)
But once I got into work, I found myself looking at part of the Gruaniad’s Life and Style section. Not my normal reading, but how can you resist this question”?

bq. Why does Ted Baker have a jacket-and-trouser combo called Sterling Bilious? Last time I looked, bilious meant nausea- or vomit-inducing. Has Ted Baker decided to just be honest? Is this the way forward for advertising? Absolutely Disgusting Slacks by Marks & Spencer? Cheap Tat Jeans by Topman? What’s going on?
The answer given (which is far more entertaining than what I’m about to write) is that “, the collection was inspired by nature and the suit was called “bilious” after a beetle”.
But the only reference to a bilious beetle is to a cartoon character, and a photo of an assassin bug (i.e. not a beetle).

A suit, yesterday. Or a beetle. Or a true bug. I’m confused.
Does a bilious beetle even exist?

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