The Next Great Adventure at This Scientific Life

I’ve got a new blog!
I sneaked in under their radar, and I’m now also blogging at the newest, shiniest (at least for this week) science blogging platform – Scientopia.
I’ll be blogging along with my wife, GrrlScientist, on our new blog, called This Scientific Life. I don’t know exactly how this will work out, it’ll be an experiment. The Beast didn’t seem particularly bothered, though.
Our first post is up. I wanted to call it Something Wicked This Way Comes (the post, not the blog), but I was over-ruled. Probably a good thing.
Don’t worry, though. I will still be blogging here – the new digs are there for me to try out blogging for the more general public.
Anyway, have a look around. It should be obvious that this is a product of the exodus from ScienceBlogs, but there are some other non-Sb bloggers there too. Have a look around, and join the conversation. It should be fun!

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5 Responses to The Next Great Adventure at This Scientific Life

  1. Alejandro Correa says:

    That is the recommend blog or which?

  2. Cath Ennis says:

    Congrats on sneaking in there, Bob!
    When my husband and I pulled our rented double kayak onto a beach last week, an older couple sitting next to their two single kayaks called out “oh, you’re paddling a divorce boat, are you?” There is some truth to the name, given that only one person controls the rudder, and both people always suspect that the other isn’t pulling their weight. The only reason I mention this is that at first glance, I mistook the laser pointer and telescope from your excellent new banner for a laser gun and a small cannon, respectively. “Wow, they’re brave”, I thought…

  3. Ken Doyle says:

    Congrats on the new blog…doing a science blog for the general public is more up my alley than an NN-type blog anyway, so I’ll be paying close attention.

  4. Bob O'Hara says:

    Errm, thank Cath. I think.
    And Ken, too. We’ll see ow things go, and if Scientopia expands. It’s still in the experimental phase.

  5. Åsa Karlström says:

    haha, I saw the same thing as Cath when I first saw the banner. My guess is that it is more in the eye of the beholder (maybe it was the combo of the tower that looks old… and that it surely looks like a laser beam)
    Bob> It’s going to be interesting seeing the posts over there and am happy you’ll keep this place too (for now at least).

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