(Ice) Hockey Pool, Week 6

Most of you can look away, either because you’re not involved in the Hockey Pool Cath Ennis set up, or because you’re below Cath in the standings.

For the few that are remaining, here are the latest results:
HockeyPoolWeek 6.png
This week’s big mover was Lavaland, leaping up into second place above my brave bunch of Nordic skaters. Chall is still in the lead, but for how long? Bringing up the rear are Gerty and Ricardipus, now level on 114 points.
Just for my own amusement I also plotted the average points per week (to see better the overall change in fortunes). What I got was a bit surprising:
The average number of points is increasing. On further investigation, this is mainly because the first two weeks garnered less points for most of us (the average points per week were 10.2, 8.8 31.5, 20.8, 24.1, 31.0), and their effects are still being “washed out” of the overall mean.
Anyway, congratulations to Lavaland for doing so well this week, and boos to chall for being too good for the rest of us. If anyone on the pool is sad with no life interested, the R code to draw these graphs is in the Google doc. Ask Cath for permission to look at it.

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6 Responses to (Ice) Hockey Pool, Week 6

  1. Cath Ennis says:

    Thanks for the update, Bob!
    Clearly I should have stuck with Luongo. That’ll teach me to be disloyal to my own team’s goalie.
    Congratulations to That Damn Chall for consolidating her lead!

  2. Richard Wintle says:

    Obviously all those clever trades I made were completely ineffective. I’ve got all of your backsides covered, it seems.

  3. Richard P. Grant says:

     What in the name of all that’s holy are you guys talking about?
    Hockey’s that game where they give girls some sticks and they get to smash your shins in, right?

  4. Bob O'Hara says:

     That’s roughly true, Richard, but this version adds in some ice dance to the mix.

  5. Richard P. Grant says:

     Those crazy canucks, huh?

  6. Cath Ennis says:

    You gotta love a sport where fighting only earns you a 2 minute penalty. (Although after watching the Newcastle-Bolton game this weekend, you have to wonder whether there’s much difference between the two, at times).
    Anyone remember the Canada-South Africa game in the 1995 rugby world cup, when several Canadians got sent off for fighting? Commentator: "i wonder if they know that this isn’t ice hockey".
    In a similar vein:
    My Dad, after watching some hockey highlights on the BBC: "Why do they take their gloves off before punching someone in the helmet? What is the strategic advantage gained by making that decision?"
    My husband: "I really don’t have a good answer for that"

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