Pleasing News

Last year, my student Crispin defended his PhD thesis. The last papers from his thesis have been appearing. This is good news, obviously, but it gets better.

Last week, one of Crispin’s papers was reviewed on Faculty of 1000, and rated as “must read” by Ben Bolker, who is obviously a man of impeccable taste.
And this week, I found that one of Crispin’s other papers was the subject of an In Focus piece in the Journal of Animal Ecology (where the original paper was published). Which means the editors thought it important enough to ask Mick McCarthy to write about it.
Obviously I’m rather happy about this: it’s nice to see a student get the reward they deserve for their hard work. Especially as I wasn’t convinced that the latter paper would get into J. Anim. Ecol.. Remember that, folks: your supervisor doesn’t know all.

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  1. Tom Webb says:

     Bob – that is pleasing, except for the fact that the Oecologia one is yet another that I now have to read… Looks like good stuff though!

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