Science: girl things make you wince

On Fridays I usually try to put up trivial amusing stuff. So please take this is that spirit, because you really don’t want to take this seriously.
Encouraging women into science has to be a good thing, and there are good ways of doing it. But then there’s this:

Which is best summarised by James Monk:
A summary of ScienceGirlThing
(h/t Martha Gill)
Seriously, what next? Cheerleaders?

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2 Responses to Science: girl things make you wince

  1. Suzi Gage says:

    Lovely venn diagram! I was going to write about this myself, may still do. I notice they’ve taken the video down now (although it can still be watched elsewhere). Such a shame as I genuinely feel they had good intentions, just spectacularly missed the point.

  2. Paige Brown says:

    Good post… terrible campaign!

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