Helloooo! I’ve moved (again)

I started blogging just over 5 years ago (damn, I missed my blogoversary by a month). The following year, I left Blogspot for Nature Network. Well, now the powers that be have decided to close the NN blogs, and shift bloggers who wanted over to SciLogs. I considered this, but decided instead to join the hive of villeins here at Occam’s Typewriter.

My NN archives should me moved across here soon, once the virtual workmen have finished their virtual cups of tea. I’ll also add a blogroll and whatever else takes my fancy. I’ll also try to write some new blogposts.

For those of you who don’t know what to expect, it’s OK, I’m not sure either. The name of the blog was always going to be descriptive, so it’ll either be something silly (and probably fairly short), or a more considered (=boring) posts about statistics, biology, science, life etc.

Professionally I’m a statistician in the Biodiversity and Climate Change Research Centre, a.k.a. BiK-F. Most of my work surrounds the torture and confession of ecological and evolutionary data. I’m also now executive editor of the very fine journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution, so you might see some blog posts from me pop up there too. Oh, and I occasionally sneak a post onto my wife’s Guardian blog, to dilute the mystery birds.

Most importantly, the blog’s banner is a photo of The Beast, the Aussie cat who I serve. He lives with GrrlScientist and I, and the rest of our menagerie (3 parrots, N passerines, and the contents of 5 aquaria) The Beast’s main role is to provide hair for recycling. If anyone knows what to do with the stuff, I’d love to know.

That’s me, and I’ll be here for a bit (hopefully). Now, who are you? Please, speak up so I know if anyone’s reading this stuff.

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20 Responses to Helloooo! I’ve moved (again)

  1. Welcome to your new home.

  2. Another reason to avoid the razor swinging typewriter!

  3. cromercrox says:

    We have much the same problem with the combings from Canis Primus Croxorum, a golden retriever. A good grooming session produces almost enough fur to make another golden retriever. (Almost, but not quite – the laws of physics must be observed, Captain.) I believe you can compost pet hair. That’s what we do with ours. Or put it in the wormery.

  4. Frank says:

    Oh, hello and welcome. Good to have you around.

    Looking forward to more cat photos. And silliness.

    Not quite sure about the deep thoughts.

  5. Cath@VWXYNot? says:


  6. Bob O'H says:

    Thank you all.

    We don’t have a compost heap or a wormery, unfortunately. Hmm, I wonder if bits of The Beast would make good bird nesting material.

  7. Bruce Miller says:

    Looks like Occom’s Typewriter RSS feed is not working.

    • Bob O'H says:

      I think it’s working, I just haven’t been linked up to the rest of the site. My move here was a bit of a rush.

  8. Stephen says:

    Céad míle fáilte!

  9. hi there – welcome …

  10. Congrats on the new home Bob (although sorry to see you go from scilogs). If you’re looking for advice for what to do with recycled cat hair, I suggest this book:


    Looking forward to reading your stuff.

    • Bob O'H says:

      Ooh, I want that! I’m not sure it’ll persuade GrrlScientist that The Beast is useful, though.

  11. steffi suhr says:

    The Beast is looking very handsome up there. And he’s probably responsible for your blog not showing up anywhere. He doesn’t want anyone to see you here, so you won’t have any readers, get sad, stop blogging, and start spending more time with him. At least that’s his plan – mwahahaaa!

    Welcome, Bob 🙂

    • Bob O'H says:

      Damn, that could be it!

      I’ve just got my revenge – I cut his nails. Well, nine of them. I’ll do the last one when he’s calmed down again.

  12. Oh look:

    (a) it’s Bob! Welcome, Bob. 🙂

    (b) I’m late. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

    [insert standard apology about not paying attention here]

  13. sparc says:

    It is surely not the worst move to leave a web site displaying wrong handed B-DNA on its main page.

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