Welcome to The Menagerie

In my first OT post I mentioned The Menagerie I live in. So, while GrrlScientist is attending to parts of it I thought I’d introduce some of the residents, including some of the shyer ones


The diversity isn’t as taxonomically varied as at the Maison des Girrafes, but it is still enough to give plenty of work. We have parrots, of course



Some fish (a Sewelia), with shrimp


We now have lots of passerines. These guys flit around really quickly, hence it’s difficult to get a good photo. I have lots of photos like this one


More shrimp. This is a unicorn shrimp, you can tell by the single horn.


We have quite a few canaries. This pair have an interesting relationship: it’s a bit like the (human) couple who spend half their time shouting at each other, but still claim to love each other. They look so cute together in this photo, but he’s pretty useless a a father (unlike some of our other male canaries), so once her chicks hatched she kicked him out. But when we put them in separate flights, they sit either side of the bars looking longingly at each other.


But they do have chicks


We also have more invertebrates


And birds with crap on their heads (anyone want to guess the species?)


Of course all of our birds are cute, but these parrot finches excel. Unfortunately they are moving all hte time, so it’s a bugger getting a photo. About the only way is when they’re sat in a nest box

We also have baby fish – lots of them.

And some grumpy bady birds (most baby birds look grumpy, anyway)


There are a few more species in the flat, including some escaped bird food


I might put up photos of the rest later, if I can get some decent photos of them.

With all of this biodivesity, it’s no surprise that at times The Beast just wants to hide


Poor thing

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12 Responses to Welcome to The Menagerie

  1. cromercrox says:

    Sounds like a worthy contender for the Maison des Girrafe’s title of Best OT Menagerie. Poor Beast!

    • Bob O'H says:

      We don’t have the imprssive phylogenetic range of the Maison des Girrafe, yet. We came close to getting a cockroach when we visited a pet show in June, though.

  2. Steve Caplan says:

    Nice! We have had a dog, many types of fish, 3 guinea pigs and an Anole named Annie. The kids are desperately lobbying for a dog, and have me in support, but the boss has veto power…

    • Bob O'H says:

      Get them a parrot instead. Don’t need to take them for walks, and in addition act as organic paper shredders. And wood shredders, and furniture shredders etc. etc.

  3. Cano says:

    I understand now why is so difficult to arrange a trip for you with such an extended family!
    Isn’t the beast suffering surrounded by so many temptations?

    • Bob O'H says:

      We keep most of them away from him. And the ones he’s in closer proximity to have large tin openers on the fronts of their faces.

  4. Excellent. Looking forward to some photos of the most recent acquisitions (Parrotlets, if Twitter is to be believed?).

    As for the mystery bird-with-poo-on-its-head… er, no idea. Any hints?

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