You can leave your hat on

Does anyone else read PossumMomma’s blog? (aka Atheist in a Minivan). The usual content consists of thoughtful posts about atheist parenting in a world full of theists, and (fully justified) rants about Warren Jeffs. Highly recommended.

A recent entry stood out though. Click through and discover the perfect birthday present for the atheist who has everything.

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"one of the sillier science bloggers [...] I thought I should give a warning to the more staid members of the community." - Bob O'Hara, December 2010
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5 Responses to You can leave your hat on

  1. arduous says:

    OMG! Thanks for the link CAE. I laughed so FREAKING HARD! I wish someone would get me that for my birthday!

  2. drdrA says:

    That is an awesome blog, gave me a good laugh this morning! Thanks!

  3. CAE says:

    Glad you both enjoyed it! I wish the spectacle had been caught on camera. The only people we get at our place are some JW ladies who must be in their 80s at least. I keep telling them that they’re wasting their time, but they keep coming back despite my declining levels of politeness. Actually I found some of their pamphlets in our hedge recently so maybe they’ve stopped actually knocking at the door. Thank goodness they’ve never taken their clothes off!

  4. Mermaid says:

    That’s awesome. I wish I had that kind of imagination. I remember being with a coworker at a pub at lunch (not in Canada, obviously) who had been threatened with strippers for her upcoming wedding…she was very distressed when a very large, very hairy man showed up looking for her! After she stopped shrieking, it turned out some other coworkers had organized a harley tour for her (which was a pretty nice present).

  5. CAE says:

    Mermaid, that’s hilarious! I am SO glad no-one got me a stripper. I’ve seen various friends go through it and they’ve always been mortified.Mmm, pub for lunch. Shall we try to start a new tradition?

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