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FOR I AM ALL-POWERFUL Until this week, I would have said that my super-powers are limited to the following: Locating any spider’s web within a 5 metre radius, using only my face Locating submerged rocks in the ocean, using only … Continue reading

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Rib tickler

I like food. And drinks. I like to try lots of different stuff. I’m reasonably adventurous. But I also like to make sure that when I order a meal in a restaurant, I’m going to enjoy it*. The obvious solution … Continue reading

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Agnostic about Humanism

I don’t really like labels. Why do I have to be “a Liberal” rather than “a Tory”, “an atheist” rather than “a Christian?” I prefer to think in terms of my stance on individual issues – politically I usually agree … Continue reading

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The election selection

As one of them pesky foreigners, I don’t think I should say any more than I already have about the US election. Instead I’m going to link to a bunch of excellent posts from around the blogosphere*. (Edit: OK, and … Continue reading

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That Atheist Meme

Tagged by R.E.S.E.A.R.C.H.E.R.S. I swear this thing was written by a theist who wants to make us look bad or something! Can You Remember The Day That You Officially Became An Atheist? There was no specific day, and I didn’t … Continue reading

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I was DEEPLY offended by PZ Myers today

His actions were truly reprehensible. Dude, recycle that paper! And do you not have a compost bin for the banana skin and coffee grounds? Show some fucking respect!

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You can leave your hat on

Does anyone else read PossumMomma’s blog? (aka Atheist in a Minivan). The usual content consists of thoughtful posts about atheist parenting in a world full of theists, and (fully justified) rants about Warren Jeffs. Highly recommended. A recent entry stood … Continue reading

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Explaining my scarlet letter

This post has been brewing and fermenting in my mind ever since I added the scarlet A to my blog a few months ago. The A is for Atheist, and you can read about the purpose of the corresponding “Out … Continue reading

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Bringing out the atheist vote?

I’m currently in voting limbo. I’m not a Canadian citizen yet, so I can’t vote in my country of residence. And while I am eligible to vote in the UK, I choose not to; I don’t think it’s fair for … Continue reading

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Any questions for Richard Dawkins?

The BBC website is offering readers the chance to submit questions for Richard Dawkins, who will be appearing on a BBC show this weekend. Any takers?

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