This post is for Arduous*

We’re going camping on Thursday! Until Monday! Woo hoo!

The campsite was chosen by a group of friends who stayed there last year (we were too busy with wedding planning) and liked it so much they decided to make it an annual event. They’ve spun us an enticing tale of sunshine (it’s in the desert – I bought extra sunscreen during my lunch break), wine tours, volleyball, happy dogs (2 giant schnauzers and a lab/boxer cross are coming with us), jet skiing (arrgghh CARBON – but I really want to try it just once in my life), 4th of July fireworks from over the border (this place is just barely in Canada), and, of course, swimming and lounging in the lake.

We haven’t been camping in ages, so we spent the weekend stocking up on things like gas canisters (MEC recycles the old ones!), mantles for the lantern, citronella spray (although it’s apparently too hot for mosquitoes), camping chairs (all the cool kids have them and we don’t want to sit on the ground for 5 days), new shorts / sun hats (organic cotton!) etc.

And then we found the water toys section at Canadian Tire. Torn between two individual inflatable chairs (with drinks holders of course) and a slightly more expensive but more versatile two-person inflatable boat, we ummed and aahed for about 20 minutes before deciding that we were NOT going to spend our money on CHEAP PLASTIC TAT that is HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

Then we went to our friends’ house for a final planning session, and found that they’d bought one of these (or something very like it). The plan is to anchor it just off the beach, fill the cooler with beer and cider, and just… float.

So. Arduous. Is it OK for us to enjoy CHEAP PLASTIC TAT that is HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT if someone else bought it?

Maybe you could suggest a penance I could perform to assuage the guilt?

*Comments open to all!

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5 Responses to This post is for Arduous*

  1. Mad Hatter says:

    Sounds awesome! Have fun!(Perhaps I’m just an idiot, but there is desert in Canada?)

  2. arduous says:

    Haha, sure! The good news is because YOU didn’t buy cheap plastic tat (confused as to the meaning of a “tat” btw), you have one between all your friends instead of 2. So that’s a win, right? But if you want to perform penance, I would certainly encourage you to post pictures on your blog of any drunken antics that you may perform as a result of sitting on a cheap plastic tat and drinking beer all day. 🙂

  3. CAE says:

    Arduous,Tat = crapAnd that sounds like a suitable penance!MH, yep – just a little bit, but it’s there! This is why Vancouver is such a popular film location – there are mountains, ocean, lakes, desert, forests and city all within a couple of hours’ drive.

  4. EcoGeoFemme says:

    Desert is only defined by precipitation, not temperature.That sounds like an awesome weekend. Have a great time!

  5. CAE says:

    Your definition is very true – but this is an actual hot sandy desert, with cacti and rattle snakes and everything!Thanks for all the well wishes – we plan to have as much fun as possible!

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