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I just made a to-do list for next week that contains: more instances of “follow up with X about Y”; more entries that start with the words “organise”, “set up”, or “finalise”; many more acronyms (and initials instead of full … Continue reading

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2010 Travel Meme

As seen at Silver Fox’s excellent blog, here is a summary of all my 2010 trips (loosely defined!) All my travel was local, but wow, what an awesome year… January We spent Christmas and New Year at my sister-in-law’s up … Continue reading

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Destination: Sound!

It always seems to take me a while to write blog posts about my favourite trips, probably because I’m in denial about them being over. So the fact that it’s taken me almost a month to start writing this post … Continue reading

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A walk in the woods: choose wisely

Which path would you choose? Would the adjacent sign affect your decision?  (Shmeegs?) Would you consider the relative scariness and likelihood of this… …compared to this? (Photo source). Would the sight of vultures circling overhead affect your decision making?  (is … Continue reading

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Sound as a pound

Right, we’ve got charts, a compass, tide tables, two Swiss Army knives, bear spray, and an air horn*, and we’re off on an adventure! (Well, we’re actually off to my mother-in-law’s today, which isn’t all that adventurous, even when our … Continue reading

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Catho the Sane visits Canadian Tire

In So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish, the fourth of five books in the Hitchhiker trilogy by Douglas Adams, our hero Arthur Dent travels to California to meet a man called Wonko the Sane. Wonko’s house is inside-out, … Continue reading

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Steepness in Seattle

Treebeard was wrong: going South does NOT feel like going downhill. (Well, except for the bits that actually were downhill. But some of those bits were really hard, too). But let’s start at the beginning… (BTW this is a really … Continue reading

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The Five Question Interview

Crystal from “Chances Are I’m Going To Hell For This” was recently interviewed by her friend – and posted the results on her blog. She also chose to perpetuate the meme by asking for willing interview victims subjects in the … Continue reading

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CurlyLocks and the Six Bear Stories

Or: If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise… As I’ve mentioned before, I am terrified of bears. I am not alone – I know at least one other female European import who feels … Continue reading

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Lund Day 5-6: Pootling Around

We’ve just got back from yet another night under canvas. (In fact I’m at that stage of a hangover where all I want to do is eat and eat and eat, and I’m trying to resist). As fun as the … Continue reading

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