Osoyoos: The R&R

So… we arrived, found our site, and survived the storm. What did we do next?

Very little! Hurrah!

It was a beautifully relaxing trip, which I sorely needed. It’s difficult for us to get much time off together, so it felt like a loooong time since the last time we’d just relaxed. There can’t be many couples who have to work around grant deadlines and movie shooting schedules, and in fact our next short holiday starts on Thursday as we had to cram all our holiday days into a short space of time.

The highlight for me was the day we rented a speedboat and went tubing. I’d never done this before and was expecting a nice fat inner tube I could wedge myself into, but it was actually just a flat inflatable with short canvas loops for me to hold onto while I lay on my front on top. After two of my friends alternated tubing and driving for the first two turns, and did their best to throw each other off, I insisted that they take it easy on me. They agreed – to some extent.

They’re coming to take me away, ha ha… with some serious horsepower

Unfortunately my arm strength is truly laughable, so I was already pretty tired by the time I’d given up trying to climb onto the damn thing by myself and accepted my friends’ help. I held on for longer than I expected, but the slamming of the tube into the waves and boat wake were pretty brutal and I had to scream “SSSSSSSTTTTTTOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!” to avoid cartwheeling through the air like the two guys before me. It was truly awesome, but I got tired before too long and my arms and shoulders hurt pretty badly the next day! I will need to do some serious weight training before next year’s trip.

Apart from that brief adrenaline interlude, the rest of the trip consisted of hanging out on our inflatable living room, including one memorable starlit drinking session; playing frisbee in the lake (which conveniently enough had a nice flat sandy bottom in waist-deep water); swimming; playing with assorted dogs; reading; playing games (Risk, Scrabble, Yahtzee, cribbage, asshole (a card game, honest), Uno, but amazingly, no poker); eating; drinking; and being merry.

Our next camping trip will be a five day kayaking adventure in Desolation Sound, with just the two of us. The vibe will be completely different, but I think it’s going to be just as fantastic. The following weekend involves another car camping trip with a different group of friends. After the last couple of summers of buying a house and getting married and not doing anything else, it is sooooo nice to have time to actually enjoy our summer.

Wish you were here!

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