Is this creepy, or is it just me?

The concept of complete strangers “following” me on Twitter took a bit of getting used to. But now that I’m a few months in, it takes something a wee bit out of the ordinary to activate that “STALKER!!1!” response.
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"one of the sillier science bloggers [...] I thought I should give a warning to the more staid members of the community." - Bob O'Hara, December 2010
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5 Responses to Is this creepy, or is it just me?

  1. Richard P. Grant says:

    Oh my. That is just wrong.

  2. Sabine Hossenfelder says:

    Now that you say that, it occurs to me I too received a note the other day that I’m followed by “Scientifically Sexy.” I just deleted that message as I delete all those notifications. I’ve long stopped caring who follows me on Twitter. About half of them seem to be robots triggering on keywords in tweets. You know that you can change the privacy settings of your tweets so that only people you know can follow you if it bothers you?

  3. Kausik Datta says:

    What the [bleep] is scientifically sexy? Can one be unscientifically sexy? For that matter, what is ‘scientifically’? Curiouser and curiouser…

  4. Cath Ennis says:

    Richard, oh, glad it’s not just me 🙂
    Sabine, that one just caught my eye more than most when I got the notification! I’m not bothered nearly enough to protect my tweets, though. I have Facebook for more private updates. (/sarcasm)
    Kausik, well, I’ve heard of “sexy” data, projects, papers… but this organisation focuses on sexy scientists. But only the female ones. Which is both very subjective, and rather discriminatory…
    There are idiots everywhere, eh?

  5. Eva Amsen says:

    So, what does it mean if they’re not following you…

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