(this is a re-hash of last year’s post. I’m gonna keep doing this until people stop calling it St Patty’s Day)

It’s Paddy. The diminutive form of the name Patrick (or Pádraig in the original Irish form) is Paddy. Therefore it’s Saint Paddy’s day. Patty is a girl’s name, the diminutive form of Patricia (think Peppermint Patty), and Saint Patricia’s day is August 25th, which happens to be my wedding anniversary. Kiss trust me, I’m (half) Irish.

I do appreciate that the softening of the T sound in North American accents makes it difficult to distinguish from a D. I mean, even I ask for “warder” in restaurants now, as no-one ever understands me when I say “water” with a hard T.

But now you know, and you have no more excuses!

Anyway, I realise I’m fighting a losing battle here, so I guess you can call it whatever you like, as long as you call it a good reason to have a pint or ten! Have fun, and get home safe!

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  1. Makita says:

    Yeah, I thought that post title sounded familiar. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but have one for my sake (in case you need an excuse to have another one).

  2. chall says:


    I’m having my pink Maple Leafs’ St Paddy’s day shirt on today, might drink some ‘warder’ with the beer ^^

  3. Mike says:

    I think he was Welsh, so Pádraig isn’t quite right either. I’m going to go and celebrate by drinking a nice wee glass of 15yo Glenfiddich. Ye can stick yer corporate sponsored saints’ days up yer feckin’ erse.

    Does Canada have a patron saint? And if so, where did s/he come from?

  4. Makita, I have a head full of cold, so I may postpone the celebrations until the weekend. But I will definitely have a beer for you at some point!

    Chall, noooo! No warder!

    Mike, I’ve never heard of a patron saint of Canada, so I looked it up. Apparently we have three – St. Joseph (from Bethlehem), Jean de Brébeuf (from Normandy), and St. Wayne de Gretzky (from Ontario). Should make a good offensive line, with Gretzky as centre, naturally, and John and Joe on the wings.

  5. ricardipus says:

    If he was Welsh, it’s probably actually “Fflawrddrllyrch” or something similar. As for Canadian saints, I think a persuasive argument could also be made for the Patron Saint of Rocketry, Saint Maurice Richard as well. But now we’re talkin’ religious differences, not to mention those Two Solitudes that keep us nicely divided in this country.

    As for St. Patrick’s day, I celebrated by going to the zoo. I did see a number of attractive bright-green snakes, which seem somehow relevant.

    • Surely Sir Crosby of Sidney will be canonised soon.

      (Spell check tried to correct that to canoeist).

      I spent St. Patrick’s coughing and sneezing at work, and then coughing and sneezing at home while Mr E Man went to the pub with friends. Booooo.

      Captcha is URL entsWar, which makes me happy.

  6. Whad are you dalking aboud? Doesn’d everyone dalk like dhis all dhe dime?

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