This is a fantastic way to kick off a general election:

Checking the CBC website for the latest campaign news this morning, I noticed that sport (and hockey in particular) is apparently less important than potential nuclear meltdowns, but much more important than the election. In fact, the website has separate sections for hockey and for sport…

…and the top stories in the sport section are also about hockey.

What a great country.

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10 Responses to Priorities

  1. chall says:

    I don’t know why hockey wouldn’t be more important 😉 [than Harper that is. Sorry, I just never liked the man.]

  2. Catherine says:

    I misread this at first as \CBBC\ – what a great place to get your news, I thought! 🙂

    Obviously the hockey thing put me right. A Canadian priority if ever there was one…

  3. ricardipus says:

    In related news, after a stunning performance by Teemu Selanne, I am now very, very close to first place in the hockey pool.

    Regarding the election – the CBC’s got it all figured out already, so there’s no need to think about who you should vote for. Just go here:

    I end up slightly preferring Liberal vs. Conservative, and am farthest from NDP (even farther than the Bloc Quebecois, which I don’t understand).

    • chall says:

      Teemu Selänne might be the only Duck I like…. and the one who almost got me into a fight when the Ducks played the Predators in Nashville a bunch of years ago.

      (Let’s just say I was a bit enthusiastic about his skills on the ice and forgot that there was maybe 4 Duck fans in the whole arena…. and apparently you can’t say “that was so beautiful” about someone when they are one the wrong team? ^^) He’s also Finnish so I thought about putting him in my team but decided against it since…. it is the Ducks after all …. well, at least I’m not last (yet)

  4. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Chall, as long as election night coverage doesn’t get in the way of any playoff games!

    (Actually, I’ll be in the US that day, and the next. If Harper gets his majority, I may be tempted not to come home…)

    Catherine, the CBBC site’s probably a much friendlier and happier place than any of the news sites have been lately!

    Ricardipus, you gonna listen to those pinko liberal CBC hippies?!

    Chall, the best thing about the Ducks is that any time we play them in Anaheim, at least half the crowd are Canucks fans! After watching the fun the fans were having there and at the game in LA the day before, Mr E Man and I are tempted to join the mass Vancouverite road trip next time the Canucks head to California – it looks like hella fun!

  5. ricardipus says:

    Cath, Chall – I used to think it would be good to live in Hartford, Connecticut – because they never had any fans in the stands! Season tickets would have been cheap, and you could have seen all your favourite visiting teams with no trouble at all. 🙂

    Only one minor problem with this plan now…

  6. I LOVE that video! Mr.SM and I having been discussing leaving the country if Harper gets his marjority. Like the rabble article stated, Harper with no one checking him is very very scary. He has utter contempt for things like fairness, justice and equality.

  7. Ricardipus, you could try moving to Phoenix.

    Or maybe not.

    ScientistMother, I’m scared too. I’m highly confident that if he gets a majority he’ll just get one term; the question is, how much damage can he do before people see his true colours and get rid of him?

  8. antipodean says:

    Would Palpatine have been more of less creepy with Harpers silver combover?

  9. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    More. Definitely.

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