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2011 in books

Well, my attempts to form good habits related to my specific 2012 resolutions – plus my ongoing exercise and healthy eating goals – have already been derailed, although the goals themselves are still very achievable. I blame (in chronological order): … Continue reading

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And the readers’ choice favourite comment of 2011 is:

(Drumroll) Eva for “I’ve dated someone who showed me a powerpoint presentation about his work on the first date. That should have been a sign, but the topic was actually interesting, so it didn’t put me off right there and … Continue reading

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Occam’s Birthday!

Happy First Birthday to Occam’s Typewriter! And what a great first year it’s been! Having left Nature Network in July 2010, I was delighted when the December 9th, 2010 birth of our very own blogging network reunited me with my … Continue reading

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Friday Twittering – is there anything finer? In other news, while tidying my desk today I found a new and miraculously untouched science puzzle from last year’s desk calendar. I’ll post it tomorrow (or possibly on Sunday) for your geeky … Continue reading

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Geek tourism

I’m back, and ready to lightly and cheerily distract people from their woes! We had a great time in England – in fact, it was our most fun visit EVAH! I’m not quite sure why it was better than previous … Continue reading

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Are left-wingers more creative? Are multi-party systems superior to two-party systems? Do provocative titles attract more readers and comments?

Let’s see: a Canadian federal election, an electoral reform referendum in the UK, a new opposition leader and talk of an early provincial election in British Columbia, and lots of coverage of the likely US Republican party presidential candidates, all … Continue reading

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Captcha *this*, sucker!

If you read a lot of blogs, you’ve probably seen something like this: This is the reCAPTCHA version of the spam test that some blogs require commenters to pass before commenting; typing the correct word into the box proves that … Continue reading

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Productivity? There’s an app for that

(Two, actually). Busy busy busy. Grants, conference abstracts, project management. All to be completed without (completely) neglecting household chores, exercise, and fun. I’ve recently started using a couple of iPhone apps that I’ve found very helpful, and that I’m reviewing … Continue reading

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In teh Grauniad

When I was about 15, our local paper ran a special schools edition. They approached English teachers around the city, asking them to contribute pieces written by local students, and my teacher picked an essay I’d written. The essay was … Continue reading

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BC rocks! (And trees!)

I like rain. I need rain. During my first summer in Vancouver, there was a dry spell that lasted for five or six weeks. By the third week I started to feel a bit weird, but couldn’t work out why. … Continue reading

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