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And the winner is…

The results of the Fourth Annual VWXYNot? Readers’ Choice Comment of the Year Award vote are IN! The winner is… (insert drumroll here) …BEAN-MOM! Congratulations Bean-Mom – please let me know to which email address you’d like me to send … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world as we know it

Is everyone having a nice apocalypse? Jolly good – now let’s talk about what happens next! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The professor who taught microbial genetics during my undergrad degree was hilarious. A lot of people didn’t like him at all, but those … Continue reading

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Hanging out on corners

I realised this morning that I’ve been delinquent in doing my part to promote an exciting new Occam’s Typewriter venture – a group blog, Occam’s Corner, on the Guardian’s science blogs network. (I did add the feed to the “Latest … Continue reading

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A Song of the Hunger Compass: it’s book review time!

(This got really long – sorry. You probably shouldn’t try to read all of it in one go). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was all Bean Mom’s fault. She posted a review of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series … Continue reading

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So last night, I was enjoying a friendly Twitter argument with @ScientistMother and @27andaphd about Tim Hortons commercials. During the course of our conversation, it transpired that both ScientistMother (born in Canada to foreign-born parents) and I (born in the … Continue reading

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I just made a to-do list for next week that contains: more instances of “follow up with X about Y”; more entries that start with the words “organise”, “set up”, or “finalise”; many more acronyms (and initials instead of full … Continue reading

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UPDATED Linked into Vancouver science

As I’ve mentioned in a few recent posts, the interconnectedness of the (small and young but growing nicely) Vancouver science sector continues to amaze me. At most large work-related meetings and at every sciency social event I attend, I run … Continue reading

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I have a team

Way back in May 2009, I described how being around a team of fellow grant wranglers from another department made me realise how much I miss being part of a team of peers. In my current job I’m really a team … Continue reading

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For whom the NHL polls

From the NHL website* today: Well I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced! Looking forward to watching the Canucks-Flames game dahn the pub with Modscientist, Lavaland and Beth on Saturday… 40% of hockey pool contestants agree that it will … Continue reading

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Because it’s been far too sciencey around here lately

The best Rube Goldberg device I’ve ever seen on the Best of YouTube podcast (and there have been a few): and, inspired by a Twitter conversation with Richard Wintle yesterday about gnus (inspired in turn by someone at work asking … Continue reading

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