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Put on a happy face

I recently discovered PubMed Faceoff – an application that assigns something called Chernoff Faces to different publications. Euan Adie on the Nature Network provided the link, and a much better explanation than I’m capable of, so go and check out … Continue reading

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You can leave your hat on

Does anyone else read PossumMomma’s blog? (aka Atheist in a Minivan). The usual content consists of thoughtful posts about atheist parenting in a world full of theists, and (fully justified) rants about Warren Jeffs. Highly recommended. A recent entry stood … Continue reading

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New kid on the blog

My friend Kyrsten (of bot fly fame) has finally started her own blog. So head on over to Infinite Science for posts on, well, science, and a cat called Mr Obama. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Kyrsten! Look out, it’s … Continue reading

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One and counting

Today is a momentous occasion. I’m stunned and amazed that there’s no mention of it on the BBC, CBC or CNN. Maybe they’re going to run a special feature on tonight’s news instead. Yup, today marks one year since my … Continue reading

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PZ PredictZ

Following this post on the discrediting of astrology, PZ Myers has started a sideline in fabricated horoscopes. Some of these are priceless, so I’ve collected them here for those of you who don’t read Pharyngula. (But wait! Doesn’t everyone read … Continue reading

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The most fun you’ll have with Excel today

Oh my goodness, are kittens ever fun! Don’t worry, I won’t turn this into a “look at my kitty OMG!!!!!” blog, but they’ll probably crop up every now and then. You know what else is fun? Silly graphs!(via Genomicron). Song … Continue reading

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Best paper EVER!

The most useful paper in the history of science was published this week, in a specialist journal that focuses on my department’s field of study. I really wish I could link to it, but that might give away too much … Continue reading

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Am I a walking stereotype?

I came across an interesting site recently. It’s called “Stuff White People Like” and, well, it’s a list of things that white people are supposed to all be into. There are several different ways to approach such a list, many … Continue reading

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I’d like to thank the Academy…

I’m very honoured and humbled to say that several people have awarded me a big E for excellent. Thank you all, I really appreciate it. When I first started writing this blog I didn’t know if anyone would ever read … Continue reading

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Bonus Friday Primate Party

I wasn’t going to do one today, but I saw this at MissPrism’s place and I just had to post it. It might just have made my day (unless I get any news from my 9 month+1 day pregnant friend … Continue reading

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