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Note to self: keep notes to self private

Two recent conversations sparked by cryptic notes I scribbled on post-its: At home Mr E Man: “Cath, what’s an e-Pig?” Me: “What?” Mr E Man: “On this post-it, look. ‘e-Pig meeting’” Me: “OH! That’s my short-hand for epigenetics” Mr E … Continue reading

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Quora: productive procrastination

I’ve recently started to spend some time on the question and answer site Quora, and I’m finding it be quite an effective science communication medium as well as excellent writing practice. I can’t quite remember how I first came to … Continue reading

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Destroying the last shreds of Mr E Man’s anonymity for the sake of a good pun

Me: “Have you seen my bookmark?” Him: “It’s in your hand” Me: “…” Me: “No, not ‘have you seen my book, Mark?’. I meant ‘have you seen my bookmark, Mark?’” (Mark will continue to be referred to as Mr E … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion

While helping Mr E Man book the final leg of our upcoming vacation yesterday, I realised that it’s been almost a whole year since we went to Puerto Rico and I still haven’t blogged about it. BAD blogger! We flew … Continue reading

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Office haiku

It’s ten forty-five Six iPhones buzz with one voice Time for our meeting! Gotta love those synchronised calendars… Comments in haiku form only, please!

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The tartle response

The Rock Paper Cynic comic titled “That Awkward Zombie Apocalypse Survival Moment When…” would soooo happen to me. I really am awful; I usually need to meet a new person at least two or three times, within a short period … Continue reading

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So last night, I was enjoying a friendly Twitter argument with @ScientistMother and @27andaphd about Tim Hortons commercials. During the course of our conversation, it transpired that both ScientistMother (born in Canada to foreign-born parents) and I (born in the … Continue reading

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This article suddenly made me feel just terrible about the many mutations I’ve introduced into all those poor genes and their promoters!  

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What’s in a name?: towards the development of a novel analysis of grant titles

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about how I’m going to be responsible for helping all trainees in my new department identify, apply for, and manage their awards (comment on my post, you bastards please!). I’ve spent some time … Continue reading

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I was relieved to receive this email, because I’ve heard that disrespectful interns make terrible colleagues. In other news, I have somehow managed to create enough space in my brain to have ideas for blog posts again! Unfortunately, I still … Continue reading

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