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Victoria Secrets

One of the things that makes you feel a long way from home when you move to a foreign country is that you have no idea when the long weekends fall. We get a pretty good deal here in British … Continue reading

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I have a team

Way back in May 2009, I described how being around a team of fellow grant wranglers from another department made me realise how much I miss being part of a team of peers. In my current job I’m really a team … Continue reading

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Radical reform of peer review and research support, or rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic?

OR More on the proposed reforms at the CIHR, which I first blogged about last month after taking my first look at the discussion document they published. I’ve since read the document in much greater detail, and also attended an … Continue reading

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Whaddya mean “that’s not normal?!”

North Yorkshire, circa 1987. A classroom full of nine- and ten-year-olds. An assignment to write a story that involved food. A girl (not the blogger!) standing up at her desk, pulling her knee socks back up before starting to read … Continue reading

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Time to write a final report on a completed grant!

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CIHR: Canada Innovating to Help Review?

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is this country’s major source of government funding for biomedical research – the equivalent of the US NIH. They’ve just released a document describing some proposed changes to their grant mechanism portfolio and … Continue reading

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Designing an online grant submission system?!

Good for you! Let me help you out! In my four-and-a-bit years as a grant wrangler, I’ve applied to a bewildering array of Canadian and international government and charitable funding agencies. Every organisation has their own system (some even have … Continue reading

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Lay it on the line

As I mentioned way back in 2008, I’m often called upon to write lay abstracts for my department’s grant applications and website, and – less often – for press releases and assorted other documents. This is still one of my … Continue reading

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2011 in books

Well, my attempts to form good habits related to my specific 2012 resolutions – plus my ongoing exercise and healthy eating goals – have already been derailed, although the goals themselves are still very achievable. I blame (in chronological order): … Continue reading

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Weight, watt?

From an automatic pre-send spell check of an email I sent today, asking a PI for guidance on some subfield-specific terminology: Very helpful. In other news, I learned today that my online life is benefiting my career: years of experience … Continue reading

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