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Tuesday pet peeve: people who don’t know what agnostic means

The increasing frequency with which I hear scientists misuse the word “agnostic” is starting to annoy me. It’s usually used to mean “I don’t have a strong preference”: for example, “I’m agnostic as to protocol – I could go either … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world as we know it

Is everyone having a nice apocalypse? Jolly good – now let’s talk about what happens next! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The professor who taught microbial genetics during my undergrad degree was hilarious. A lot of people didn’t like him at all, but those … Continue reading

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Tuesday Pet Peeve: shoulder check

I’m a reasonably competent computer user. I can’t do anything fancy, but I’ve got the basics down pat. And I’ve built up my folder (and sub-folder and sub-sub-folder and sub-sub-sub-folder) structure in a very logical manner that allows me to … Continue reading

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Tuesday Pet Peeve: Careless North Americans

A certain phrase has been on my mental pet peeves list for a while. Every time I hear someone say it, it jars – it’s not one of those UK*/North America differences where both ways are equally valid and I … Continue reading

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Tuesday Pet Peeve: common garden variety

It’s a beautiful day today. After days of rain the sun is shining on the snow-capped mountains, and the trees are resplendent in yellows, oranges, and reds. So are the roads. Yup, the leaves are falling and winter is on … Continue reading

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Tuesday pet peeve: for fax sake!

I really, really, really hate fax machines. Seriously, why is anyone still using them now that we have scanners and email? I’m sure they came in very useful in that brief period between their invention and the internet becoming mainstream, but they’re vastly … Continue reading

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Tuesday pet peeve: the wrong kinds of ignorance

(This post could potentially get me into trouble at work – a rarity on this blog! I therefore wrote it without using any of the keywords that might cause the people involved to find it on Google. My apologies if this … Continue reading

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Tuesday pet peeve: tired of weary

Yes, it’s another pedantic pet peeve! I hear more and more people saying they’re “weary” of something when what they mean is that they’re cautious, suspicious, or distrustful of it. You’re looking for “wary”, or maybe “leery”. “Weary” means tired. … Continue reading

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Tuesday pet peeve: noisy neighbours

We’re avoiding the worst effects of the (now thankfully waning) heatwave by sleeping in the spare bedroom, which is much cooler than our own. However, last night’s attempt at a good night’s sleep was a massive FAIL. It is NOT … Continue reading

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Tuesday pet peeve: militant NIMBYism

NIMBYism is rampant in Vancouver, and it drives me nuts. Olympics? No, we don’t want that, it’ll be too chaotic. Rapid transit to the airport? Nope, we don’t want the inconvenience of the construction. Better cycling infrastructure? No, it’ll jam … Continue reading

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