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It’s the end of the world as we know it

Is everyone having a nice apocalypse? Jolly good – now let’s talk about what happens next! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The professor who taught microbial genetics during my undergrad degree was hilarious. A lot of people didn’t like him at all, but those … Continue reading

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Temporospatial trends in germophobia

One of the cultural differences I noticed soon after I moved from Britain to Canada is how people treat you if you say you have a cold or other minor ailment. In the UK, my experience is that friends, family, … Continue reading

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Bad week

I have the swine flu. Well, some kind of flu, anyway. I woke up at about 5am on Saturday with a cough, sore throat, aching joints, and low-grade fever. I seem to already be past the worst of the fever … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Norovirus,

OK, so you ruined Christmas Day. Rather than eating delicious turkey and socialising with the neighbours, I spent the day alternating between throwing up and shivering under a duvet with a hot water bottle. I think we can call that … Continue reading

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Snowed under…

I’m back! Ever so slightly hungover, but the jet lag has gone. Staying out until after 2 am on our first full day back seemed to reset my system. This is what happens when you leave your car outside for … Continue reading

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Endogenous retroviruses and evolution: redux

While chatting with Propter Doc last week, I realised that most of my current readers weren’t around to witness this blog’s finest hour. Way back in June 2007, I posted an explanation of why a paper of mine that had … Continue reading

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Viral Sneakiness

Viruses are fascinating little buggers. They sneak into cells and take over their entire machinery and pathways for their own use, sometimes with as few as three genes. The amazing thing is that every virus has evolved a different way … Continue reading

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HERVs and Multiple Sclerosis, part 2

Well, after a short period of distraction, I have just finished reading the new paper from Christopher Power’s lab at the University of Alberta. This study follows on from an earlier paper that suggested a causal link between the expression … Continue reading

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HERVs and Multiple Sclerosis, part 1

I have a new paper sitting on my desk that I plan to summarise in the near future. The study investigates the relationship between syncytin, a human endogenous retroviral protein, and MS. I actually wrote a review of an earlier … Continue reading

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Field dispatches from the war on viruses

I have yet to be formally challenged, so I will take the initiative to venture ever so slightly away from the very centre of my usual comfort zone…I have written before about the ongoing arms race between viruses and the … Continue reading

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