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Do The Art, Man!

I’m a big fan of the visual abstracts that many journals have introduced recently (even if they do make scrolling through TOCs in Google Reader like wading through treacle at times); I’m a very visual person, and I find it … Continue reading

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Ever say never?

Spotted on a whiteboard in a PI’s office, written in massive letters (colours as in original): Book chapters and reviews are for people with no data – NEVER SAY YES

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Public recognition

My former student was on TV yesterday! Well, not the real TV. Just the fancy flat screen monitor mounted high on a wall by the elevators in my building. The TV appeared a few months ago and originally featured reminders … Continue reading

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A tale of two sisters

My sister is one of my favourite people in the whole world. She’s the person I miss the most from the UK, and although I love my three Canadian sisters-in-law dearly*, it’s just not quite the same. There was only … Continue reading

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FOR I AM ALL-POWERFUL Until this week, I would have said that my super-powers are limited to the following: Locating any spider’s web within a 5 metre radius, using only my face Locating submerged rocks in the ocean, using only … Continue reading

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Principal Investigators Association

Does anyone have any experience with this organisation? Their website front page states that they are a not-for-profit organisation that is “helping leading researchers in all fields with their non-science duties and responsibilities” (emphasis theirs). I’ve somehow ended up on … Continue reading

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Science is full of surprises

The good: I sat down on the sofa this morning with my oatmeal and big cup of tea, and switched on the local TV news. The first thing I saw was one of my colleagues, nervously pipetting culture medium into … Continue reading

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Book Review: Coils of the Serpent

I came across this book through a rather unusual channel – the author, Raymond Clark Lutz, emailed me after reading one of my blog posts and deciding that I reminded him of one of the characters in his new novel. … Continue reading

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They have got to be doing this on purpose

To set the scene, imagine the following: Two major Canadian grant application deadlines, exactly one month apart. One project, submitted to both competitions. One manuscript, absolutely pivotal to said project. ————————————————– The manuscript was accepted exactly one day after the … Continue reading

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Put on a happy face

I recently discovered PubMed Faceoff – an application that assigns something called Chernoff Faces to different publications. Euan Adie on the Nature Network provided the link, and a much better explanation than I’m capable of, so go and check out … Continue reading

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