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99% Oblivious

One of the podcasts to which I subscribe is called 99% Invisible – “a tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world.” Each episode covers an aspect of design that someone outside the … Continue reading

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A frog on my blog is my goal and it’s gotten a “tee hee!”

Many thanks to Mermaid for forwarding me this most excellent email signature from a local frog biologist, and for securing Dr. Helbing’s permission to blog it! I remember a phase of DNA helix squiggles in email signatures in the early … Continue reading

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Because there’s no law saying that mundane objects have to be boring

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Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits

I went to Whistler last weekend and it was awesome. More on that later, but today I wanted to share some photos of a remarkable mural we saw in an underpass as we walked back to the car from the … Continue reading

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Do The Art, Man!

I’m a big fan of the visual abstracts that many journals have introduced recently (even if they do make scrolling through TOCs in Google Reader like wading through treacle at times); I’m a very visual person, and I find it … Continue reading

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What I Did On My Staycation – Part II

Wednesday The heavy rain that greeted me first thing in the morning made me exceedingly glad that I’d braved the windstorm to visit Stanley Park while the sun was still out the day before. However, an hour or two later … Continue reading

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What I Did On My Staycation – Part I

(This got way too long for one post. Also, the return to work has been a wee bit stressful, and our internet connection at home is all messed up,so it’s taken me ages to write it. Boooooo. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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More fun with logos

In searching for a better version of the London 2012 logo to use in my last post, I came across some real gems in Google Images. I think we all looked at the original logo and thought “hell, I could … Continue reading

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I’ve wanted a tattoo for, ooh, about ten years. Not just any old tattoo, though – one that means something to me, that commemorates a specific event. Initially, I decided that I’d get one when I got my PhD. But … Continue reading

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Art appreciation class

Here’s a shockingly bad photo* of a painting in a local restaurant. Mr E Man and I ate there for the first time last week, and had a disagreement about the interpretation of this painting. It reminded both of us … Continue reading

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