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Look at me, I’m Sarah Palin!

(Pose just for photo, Mr E Man did all the driving) I am a very clumsy person, as you will see in the video below. I’m also a terrible coward. Well, physically, anyway. Move thousands of miles away from home … Continue reading

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Very Important Submission update

It has been submitted! This was a Very Important accomplishment. Luckily I don’t seem to be in any trouble (working until 8.30 pm on Monday to get the files uploaded seemed to help). Conversations with my boss went as follows … Continue reading

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Cath’s shoe of the week

You can keep your Randy Macaques or whatever they’re called, this was the only shoe (or shoe combo, really) for me today: My trusty 11 year-old leather hiking boots, and rented snow shoes. Stylin’. In addition, you can keep your … Continue reading

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Vancouver 2010: new events announced

Non-Canadians are probably not yet aware of an initiative known as “Own the Podium 2010“. The idea is to develop and support Canadian talent in the run-up to the upcoming Vancouver-Whistler Winter Games; the ultimate goal, of course, is for … Continue reading

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2009 sucks

So far this year, and in no particular order: My mother-in-law slipped on some ice and broke her arm – both bones, just above the wrist. She didn’t need any surgery, and seems in good spirits, but 2 months in … Continue reading

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Snowed under…

I’m back! Ever so slightly hungover, but the jet lag has gone. Staying out until after 2 am on our first full day back seemed to reset my system. This is what happens when you leave your car outside for … Continue reading

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My eyes, my eyes!

Call the grammar police! A potentially very awesome email just got ruined for me. Let’s dissect this marketing FAIL! Subject: “Whistler: over 40cm of new snow and more on the way” So far so good. I am interested to learn … Continue reading

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Cath and the City Part 2

The end of Part 1 saw me sitting on Jericho Beach and congratulating myself on fulfilling my dream of moving to Vancouver. Here’s what happened next… My first year in Vancouver was great. Hard at times, but great. I was … Continue reading

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There’s fucking snow forecast for tomorrow. Sorry for the bad language, but last weekend was glorious and we’re supposed to be going to a BBQ. Bah humbug.

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Am I a walking stereotype?

I came across an interesting site recently. It’s called “Stuff White People Like” and, well, it’s a list of things that white people are supposed to all be into. There are several different ways to approach such a list, many … Continue reading

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