Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits

I went to Whistler last weekend and it was awesome.

More on that later, but today I wanted to share some photos of a remarkable mural we saw in an underpass as we walked back to the car from the Merlins pub at the Blackcomb base. I was quite blown away by it, and yelled at everyone that they had to wait for me so I could take some photos for my blog. They weren’t too happy about this, as we were rushing to pick up food and beer before watching the last Canucks game of the regular season, so some of the shots are a little rushed. But, as you’ll see, that doesn’t detract too much from the glory of the mural…

This marine life scene was the first thing that caught my eye. Opinion is divided as to which of the three grey creatures are supposed to be whales, and which (if any) are supposed to be sharks. I think the top one's a shark. Actually, the bottom one might be a dolphin.

Who lives in a (what IS that thing?) under the sea? SIX LEGGED SQUISHED CRAB!

Land animals were represented too - like these wolves, for instance...

...weird and wacky wolves! Does anyone know a good veterinary chiropracter?

Mr E Man thought I was being far too gleefully mean. "It was probably done by some elementary school kids or something", he said. But no. (I Googled the names).

This mural made my day. It was so bright and cheerful and hilarious. If you go to Whistler, forget the traditional activities of skiing, boarding, bobsledding, bungee jumping, zip trekking, hiking, drinking and hot tubbing – you need to visit this mural.

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6 Responses to Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits

  1. antipodean says:

    Poisson draws fishes. How Canadian.

  2. SB says:

    I like that “drinking” counts as an activity.

  3. Chris says:

    Considering the sky is magenta, I assume these people where on something (maybe this “drink” you keep mentioning) when this was painted. Never have I ever seen the entire sky in a colour even resembling magenta. Maybe a little bit on the horizon. Maybe more baby pink but magenta? Duuude, that is wrong.

  4. Antipodean, and maybe Haight drew the mountains.

    SB, you’ve been to Whistler, right?! I didn’t see the village square while sober until my fifth or sixth visit!

    Chris, I’d say that takes more than a coupla brewskis.

  5. Amelie says:

    This is so cool, thanks for stopping to take pictures for us!
    Also, I didn’t notice the magenta sky until Chris pointed it out… and I haven’t had any drinks (yet).

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