Kimi’s Fashion Tips

According to one participant in a discussion we had over coffee this afternoon, all the popular blogs are about fashion and the latest styles. This may explain why Kimi1 has started writing about wigs.
He’s actually worried about whether having bigwigs on your list of authors makes a paper more cited, and has found a paper that suggests it can do, if there aren’t too many authors. So, if you’re a bigwig, go over there for advice. If you’re not, go over there to see why your bigwig boss has just developed such strange ideas about authorship.

fn1. Not Raikkonen. Our Kimi prefers ducks.

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5 Responses to Kimi’s Fashion Tips

  1. Mark Tummers says:

    And the million Euro question is: does your own wig expand to size large if you are on enough papers with proper bigwigs?

  2. Bob O'Hara says:

    I thought you made a new wig from the hair your graduate students’ have been tearing out.

  3. Maxine Clarke says:

    Now I realise why you grow your hair so long, Bob. You could make several of them.

  4. Mike Fowler says:

    Actually, it’s so the beast has somewhere to hibernate in the long, cold Finnish winter. This also allows Bob to reduce wooly hat costs.

  5. Maxine Clarke says:

    And scarf costs…

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