Ho Hum

I’m now sat on a ferry going to Tallinn (conference in Tartu, in southern Estonia). It has a wireless connection (yay!), but it’s a bit slow. Which means that the html gets confused. So, the comments in Henry’s latest post look like this on the screen:

I deliberately didn’t show rpg’s comment.
Anyway, there’s a chance that the bus from Tallinn to Tartu will have wireless as well. That will deserve another blog post too, if it happens

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3 Responses to Ho Hum

  1. Henry Gee says:

    My iPhone goes like that anywhere near Ipswich (twinned with Tallinn).

  2. Bob O'Hara says:

    That’s Ipswich for you.

  3. Kristi Vogel says:

    The Firefox browser on my MacBook does something similar from time to time. I just shut Firefox down and clear the history, and the weird iterative problem disappears.
    I realize that my solution is neither logical nor based on any computer expertise (I have little, really), but it works like a charm. Not surprising, since it’s essentially superstitious woo, just like a charm.

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