Has technology gone too far?

I wonder. I’m sat on a bus between Tallinn and Tartu, and yes. It does have its own wifi. Just to prove it, here are some photos:

A road just outside Tallinn, recently

The Estonian countryside, recently.
I might do some more blogging from the 2nd Nordic-Baltic Biometric Conference when we get started, but some how it won’t be quite the same.
Added: Yes, technology has gone too far. What do I do with the resources to hand? I look at photos of the M180 on this site. I think I must be doing something wrong with my life.

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5 Responses to Has technology gone too far?

  1. steffi suhr says:

    Bob, I hate to say it, but you have a problem.
    (Looks like the sun is shining – it’s raining here…)

  2. Brian Derby says:

    Bob – unfortunately we cannot say “you must get out more”

  3. Brian Clegg says:


  4. Eva Amsen says:

    Bob, put the laptop away immediately, and look out the window.
    No, not at pictures you took out the window a few minutes ago – the actually window.
    No, not Windows.
    Forget it.

  5. Bob O'Hara says:

    Look out of windows? You mean like this?

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