Submit to Scientia Pro Publica, join the crowd!

Go on. Submitting a blog post to science carnival Scientia Pro Publica! Unless something remarkable happens over the weekend it will appear on Monday March 1st at just round the corner at Stephen’s Reciprical place.

If you’ve written something about science, nature and medicine in the last couple of weeks, or if you’re read something about those subjects that you liked and which you think is suitable for the public, submit it to the carnival! You can use this automatic form. Make sure you include the URL or “permalink”, the essay title and 2-3 sentence summary as a handy hint about what the post is about.
If you want to see what previous issues of Scientia Pro Publica looked like just follow the link.
I’ve just been looking at the number of entries to Scientia. Here is a summary:

The gap is because I couldn’t find a Southern Fried Entry (enquiries are continuing, please don’t contact the police with information regarding this disappearance). But it looks like we’re on the up and up (Grrl left a couple of posts from the last issue, due to lack of time and a dying router). This is thanks to you for contributing, and (like Stephen) hosting, and I suspect partly due to the extra advertising coming from Nature Network, so thanks folks!
GrrlScientist has a timetable for hosts, but there’s still space in the schedule, so if you want to join in just drop her a line, or drop a comment on her latest advert.
Remember, you’ve got a week to get out your best science posts and submit!

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5 Responses to Submit to Scientia Pro Publica, join the crowd!

  1. Richard P. Grant says:

    Stephen’s Reciprical place.
    rather than Stephen’s Reciprocal plaice, maybe?

  2. Bob O'Hara says:

    Damn you, Richird, for being more awake than I was!

  3. Austin Elliott says:
  4. Stephen Curry says:

    The spelling doesn’t matter since Bob’s link is correct. Submissions please, but nothing too pedantic…!

  5. Kristi Vogel says:

    Thank Eru for blog carnivals! I wouldn’t get any link-love here otherwise …. 😉

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