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Yes folks, it’s another post full of TMI. Especially for the guys. I know that at least one of my readers will be happy, but others among you may wish to go and read something else instead. Why not join … Continue reading

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Another blogger meet-up!

This was the first meet-up to which I brought a chaperone. After all, that ScientistMother is scary. KIDDING! We were actually at a Cafe Scientifique event about the “convenience” barriers that prevent people from choosing more sustainable options (e.g. remembering to bring … Continue reading

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The best Gregor since Mendel?

Vancouver is a fantastic place to be a cyclist. Designated bike routes everywhere (I attended the opening celebrations for the newest one last weekend), and more considerate drivers than in Glasgow (although everything’s relative, and some of my fellow cyclists … Continue reading

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They’re not weeds

they’re carbon offsets destined for the municipal composting programme (Vancouver rocks) and (hopefully) soon to be replaced by something more useful Next job: pull an even bigger pile of weeds from the front garden…

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Oncoming trains

I was excited this week to read an article on the BBC website about a possible renaissance of the US rail system, including talk of a high-speed link from Vancouver down to Seattle, Portland and Eugene. Yup, I’m a train … Continue reading

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Get angry for the right reasons

This is my contribution to the February APLS carnival. This month’s host, The Purloined Letter from the Green Phone Booth blog, has chosen a wide-ranging topic under the title “A Carnival of Nature“. I have chosen to focus on the … Continue reading

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APLS Carnival

The MIND GAMES edition. As I outlined in my own contribution to this month’s carnival, I have a very bad habit of offsetting the things I’m doing well against some of my less sustainable behaviour. In need of a little … Continue reading

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2009 is looking up

“For everywhere we look, there is work to be done. The state of the economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act – not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth. … Continue reading

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My karma is stuck in trafficma

I have to admit to a short-lived bout of extreme smugness today. One of the main bridges bringing commuters into Vancouver is out of commission for the next few weeks, due to fire damage to the wooden (!) trestles under … Continue reading

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Carbon offsets and other mind games

(This is my entry to the January APLS carnival, which I will be hosting here on the 22nd. Still plenty of time to get your posts in!) ———————– Regular readers might remember that I like to play a bit of … Continue reading

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