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Geeky Grossness Gauntlet

Long-time readers may remember my friend Kyrsten’s famous guest post about Bob the bot fly. Commenters’ reactions on the original post ranged from mild (“kinda icky”) to ambivalent (“horrible. but very cool” / “utterly revolting, but sort of fascinating” / … Continue reading

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Fear o’moans

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now of the publication in Science this week of a study suggesting that pheromones in women’s tears reduce testosterone levels and sexual arousal in men (summarised by Ed Yong here). This is definitely not … Continue reading

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Instant karma

An acquaintance at a funding agency emailed me today, asking if I had contact information for a researcher I’d never heard of. I didn’t, obviously, so I Googled the person’s name from the search box on my browser toolbar. The … Continue reading

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Just… don’t.

“BRCA status” is not so long and clunky that you should feel the need to say “BRCA-ness”, as in “property X is probably related to the BRCA-ness of the cell line”. If you absolutely must say “BRCA-ness”, pronounce it “bracka-ness”, … Continue reading

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Steepness in Seattle

Treebeard was wrong: going South does NOT feel like going downhill. (Well, except for the bits that actually were downhill. But some of those bits were really hard, too). But let’s start at the beginning… (BTW this is a really … Continue reading

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Dream trippin’

When we bought our house (four years ago today!), one of the best things that Mr E Man and I did was to invest in a really good bed. We’d been sleeping on a queen-size futon, and although it was … Continue reading

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Memes as mental fibre

Right after EcoGeoFemme pointed out that there haven’t been many memes circulating recently, Amanda went and tagged me for one! The assignment is to write about seven things that I’ve never talked about in my blog. This is a tricky … Continue reading

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Daytripper: La Habana

We’d already decided to head South after our week in the resort, making the compulsory visit to Habana / Havana easiest to accomplish as a day trip West from Varadero. A couple of friends who’d been to Varadero before had … Continue reading

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Yes folks, it’s another post full of TMI. Especially for the guys. I know that at least one of my readers will be happy, but others among you may wish to go and read something else instead. Why not join … Continue reading

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Holy pap!

WARNING: this post may contain Too Much Information for some readers. Especially the guys. You may want to skip it and wait for my next post, which will probably be about the Canadian citizenship test, with hilarious examples of really … Continue reading

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