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Be careful what you wish for…

…because you might just get it. I wished for Mr E Man to get a job, after a couple of months in which the local movie industry was as quiet as Stephen Harper’s conscience and two non-movie job offers both … Continue reading

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Our home internet’s down. It went down on Saturday, and came back on for a few hours on Sunday before the blessed “online” light on the modem went off again. It’s done this a few times before, and always switched … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of locomotive maintenance

I got home yesterday lunchtime after an epic West Coast rail journey from San Diego to Vancouver. I’ve been to La Jolla once every six months or so since July 2009 to meet with collaborators, and every time I’ve gone … Continue reading

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A handy topic for a rainy day

Yes, this is a handwritten blog post, delivered to you by carrier pigeon RSS (probably)

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What happens in Vegas…

…gets blogged within a week. I’d been to Vegas once before but I was 17 and with my parents, so it doesn’t count. We were only there as a base for the Canyons (Grand, Bryce and Zion), and didn’t know … Continue reading

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Dyed-in-the-wool cheapskate

Being genetically half Irish and an eighth Scottish, I have green eyes and curly brown hair that used to have a fair bit of red in it. The first white hair showed up when I was 19, much to my … Continue reading

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Yay, Starbucks! (No, really!)

I bought a Starbucks coffee and sandwich on Wednesday, and it made my day. This might sound like a very bizarre statement, especially in a city with an abnormally high Starbucks density (two per block in places), and indeed I … Continue reading

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On the sauce: reflections.

Mr E Man’s quest to find the best ribs in Vancouver is over: he’s admitted that he’s unlikely to find anywhere that makes them better than Ouisi’s does, and so that’s where we found ourselves when a craving hit him … Continue reading

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