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Present tense

It was my Dad’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and after some thought and some time on the Amazon website I decided to buy him the History of the World in 100 Objects book; I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the radio … Continue reading

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Book reviews: down memoir lane

I don’t usually read many non-fiction books, but I happened to read three in a row over the last few months. Funny how that happens… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The first was Glass Castle: a Memoir, by Jeannette Walls. I actually bought this book … Continue reading

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Stand and deliver

(Warning: possibly unreasonable rant follows. But I’m too annoyed to care if it’s unreasonable! So there!) ‘Tis the season for the arrival of exciting parcels from distant lands! There are three such deliveries sitting on my kitchen table, waiting to … Continue reading

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Things to do in ‘couver when you’re weird

These ads that appeared in my Facebook feed the other day confuse and frighten me: I hadn’t realised that breeding grotesquely oversized kittehs was A Thing in Vancouver… or maybe that’s just what happens when you buy breakthrough peptide-based treatments … Continue reading

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Yay, Starbucks! (No, really!)

I bought a Starbucks coffee and sandwich on Wednesday, and it made my day. This might sound like a very bizarre statement, especially in a city with an abnormally high Starbucks density (two per block in places), and indeed I … Continue reading

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Gonna go where the bright lights and the big city meet

No red guitar (on fire*) in sight, though, just this: Two questions: 1) Why does anything need to be taken beyond anyone’s desires? Let alone a toilet, of all things? 2) Just how beautiful does anyone desire a shopping mall … Continue reading

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Soylent’s is Golden

Like many of my friends, I’ve recently become a big fan of Groupon and all the other group buying sites. See a deal -> press a button on my phone -> take the phone to a restaurant -> half-price dinner … Continue reading

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The Oatmeal had a wonderful comic this week called “How Different Age Groups Celebrate Christmas”. I can certainly relate to the “children” section – my parents always made a huge deal out of Christmas, and the Christmas Eve anticipation was … Continue reading

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What I Did On My Staycation – Part II

Wednesday The heavy rain that greeted me first thing in the morning made me exceedingly glad that I’d braved the windstorm to visit Stanley Park while the sun was still out the day before. However, an hour or two later … Continue reading

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Catho the Sane visits Canadian Tire

In So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish, the fourth of five books in the Hitchhiker trilogy by Douglas Adams, our hero Arthur Dent travels to California to meet a man called Wonko the Sane. Wonko’s house is inside-out, … Continue reading

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