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Conspiracy deathmatch

I realized recently that, in the best tradition of fighting fire with fire, it’s possible to counter some conspiracy theories by invoking other conspiracy theories. The best two examples I’ve come up with so far are as follows: The anti-vaccination … Continue reading

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If only everyone knew how easy it can be to solve complex, deap-seated medical problems! Looks legit – it’s on Wikipedia, after all. I mean, sure, there’s a disclaimer – but they only have to put those in for legal … Continue reading

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Things to do in ‘couver when you’re weird

These ads that appeared in my Facebook feed the other day confuse and frighten me: I hadn’t realised that breeding grotesquely oversized kittehs was A Thing in Vancouver… or maybe that’s just what happens when you buy breakthrough peptide-based treatments … Continue reading

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The scope of horoscope horror

My friendly local morning news team are discussing horoscopes today. This is, unfortunately, nothing new; I had to change the channel on New Year’s Day because their guest astrologer was doing my head in with her “Scorpios will come into … Continue reading

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“Oncogenesis; Her Majesty The Queen, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and The Ferromagnetic Theory of Cancer”

Let me guess – the phrase “WTF?!” has crossed your mind recently. Very recently. Like, since you read the title of this post. I thought the same thing when I first read that unlikely combination of words, which arrived in … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: the good science, the bad science, and the ugly

Inspired by Science Bear’s epic book review post, here are three very overdue book reviews of my own! The Good Science Dry Store Room No.1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum, by Richard Fortey. I first visited the … Continue reading

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Cough medicine FAIL

I called Mr E Man at work yesterday and asked if he could possibly pick me up some cough medicine on the way home. Being the best husband EVAH, he brought me “the most expensive stuff in the store – … Continue reading

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