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Time travelling to reach you

If time travel is supposedly impossible now, how did a podcast just send me back in time by more than a decade? I listen to various music podcasts at work, and this morning I selected a 2009 episode of “Y-Pod: … Continue reading

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Visual cymbal

Here’s an astounding slo-mo video of a cymbal strike: Isn’t that amazing?! I mean, you know at some intellectual level that sound is a wave caused by the vibration of a solid object… but actually seeing that? So cool. (H/T … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, Friday!

Yesterday was Thursday! Tomorrow is Saturday! And Sunday comes afterwards! (Lyrics courtesy of a strong contender for The Worst Song Of All Time: I’m so happy about today’s events (more on that later) that I no longer feel depressed … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Linkfest

A quick round-up of what I’ve been reading and listening to! There’s a great article in Current Biology (my all-time favourite journal) this week, titled “Why should biomedical scientists care about biodiversity?”. The authors argue that working on the standard … Continue reading

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A moment of silence…

…for the White Stripes?* NAH! A few moments of blistering NOISE is far more appropriate! Thank you for the music, guys. *people – music journalists, no less – STILL think they’re brother and sister?! Weird.

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It Gets Better

(ETA: DAMNIT! I still can’t figure out how to embed videos. I’ll try to fix this later, but for now I’ll just put the links in) (E again TA: Richard fixed the embedding! Yay! Thanks again, Richard!) (3rd edit: adding … Continue reading

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2010 Travel Meme

As seen at Silver Fox’s excellent blog, here is a summary of all my 2010 trips (loosely defined!) All my travel was local, but wow, what an awesome year… January We spent Christmas and New Year at my sister-in-law’s up … Continue reading

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  (posted from my iPhone) ETA: Wow, what a show! The best I’ve seen in years! More photos: I danced my ass off and sang and yelled until I was hoarse. Awesome stuff.

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Podcath Part II

It’s been about 18 months since I made my first forays into the world of podcasts, and I am officially hooked! Thanks to some excellent suggestions in the comments of my last podcast post, some recommendations from my hilarious new … Continue reading

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A walk in the woods: choose wisely

Which path would you choose? Would the adjacent sign affect your decision?  (Shmeegs?) Would you consider the relative scariness and likelihood of this… …compared to this? (Photo source). Would the sight of vultures circling overhead affect your decision making?  (is … Continue reading

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