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Normal service will be resumed in March

CIHR grant deadline time is such fun! Especially when half the PIs on the two grants you’re working on are out of the country, in timezones that severely hamper communication, and half of the rest are freaking out because their … Continue reading

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2010 Travel Meme

As seen at Silver Fox’s excellent blog, here is a summary of all my 2010 trips (loosely defined!) All my travel was local, but wow, what an awesome year… January We spent Christmas and New Year at my sister-in-law’s up … Continue reading

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Blades of glory (with reader poll!)

I went ice skating on Saturday! With people I barely know, for added adventurousness! Well, it was more of a shuffle than a skate, but not bad, considering I’ve only skated three times before: The first time was at primary … Continue reading

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Staycation Proclamation!

WHEREAS Cath@VWXYNot?, author of an independent weblog at (“The Blogger”), has somehow managed to use less 2010 vacation time than she thought, and has more unused days remaining than she is allowed to roll over into 2011; and WHEREAS The Blogger … Continue reading

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2012 LOLympics

I have had an incredibly hard time not laughing out loud at my desk today. If you thought the London 2010 Olympic logo was bad (and it really, really is), you should see the mascots! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!! What the fuck were … Continue reading

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Pimp my ride

There’s been a sudden proliferation of car flags in the last few days, and I was feeling a bit left out. Duct tape FTW! People are also displaying flags in their windows and front gardens – mostly maple leafs, but … Continue reading

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One week to go!

Excitement is building in the lead-up to the Olympics. I don’t want to bore those readers with no interest in winter sports, but inevitably I am going to be blogging about the Games a LOT. I’ll be focusing on the … Continue reading

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