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The scope of horoscope horror

My friendly local morning news team are discussing horoscopes today. This is, unfortunately, nothing new; I had to change the channel on New Year’s Day because their guest astrologer was doing my head in with her “Scorpios will come into … Continue reading

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Should I stay(cation), or should I go (to White Rock)?

This is Day One of my staycation! I’ve been to the art gallery and am now poncing about in a cafe with my MacBook, pretending to be a writer. Too bad I forgot to clean the laptop screen and outer … Continue reading

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How the scientists stole Hallowe’en

Here’s some classic X-Files dialogue from an episode called “How the ghosts stole Christmas“: Mulder: [alarmed at a noise] Shhh! What was that? Scully: [irritably rational] These are tricks that the mind plays. They are ingrained clichés from a thousand … Continue reading

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Cath has misheard that the bird is the word

A wonderful bird is the pelican,His mouth can hold more than his belly can,He can hold in his beak,Enough food for a week.I’m damned if I know how the hell he can! (by Dixon Lanier Merritt, apparently. Not Ogden Nash. … Continue reading

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While the cat’s away…

Mr E Man is working in Whistler at the moment, building wheelchair access ramps for some of the Olympic venues. The entire crew are movie set carpenters. I’ve reminded him that the ramps are not supposed to collapse, explode, or … Continue reading

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"But the thing you don’t realize is that there’s good naked and bad naked"

I came home from work last night to find Mr E Man watching one of those survival shows on the Discovery Channel. Some testosterony chap was striding around the Namibian desert killing snakes and being condescending in a way that … Continue reading

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Rabid ninja wookie pirates

Last night I caught Mr E Man and Divorcing Friend* watching the last ten minutes of a show called “Deadliest Warrior“**. The concept of this high quality television programme is an in-depth and very shouty-macho dissection of a hypothetical fight … Continue reading

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Celebrity Apprentice

Is anyone else watching it? How crazy was last night’s episode??!! I was howling with laughter at the end, to the extent that Mr E Man (trying to sleep in the next room) had to ask me to be quiet. … Continue reading

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