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“I always know everything”

^^quote by my youngest nephew, then four years old (he’s now ten, still knows everything, and wants to be a lawyer, FSM help us all). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I spent Friday in an all-day symposium at my institute, on the subject of … Continue reading

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In limbo

Well, the post I’d planned to write next was going to be about how much I’ve learned from blogs written by cancer patients, and how that knowledge has impacted my work in a basic and translational cancer research department. But … Continue reading

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Cost to benefit ratios

From today’s RSS feeds: 1) Alilain WJ, Horn KP, Hu H, Dick TE, Silver J: “Functional regeneration of respiratory pathways after spinal cord injury“. Nature 2011: 475: 196-200 (This article also showed up in my BBC science feed, with the … Continue reading

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Geeky Grossness Gauntlet

Long-time readers may remember my friend Kyrsten’s famous guest post about Bob the bot fly. Commenters’ reactions on the original post ranged from mild (“kinda icky”) to ambivalent (“horrible. but very cool” / “utterly revolting, but sort of fascinating” / … Continue reading

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Geek tourism

I’m back, and ready to lightly and cheerily distract people from their woes! We had a great time in England – in fact, it was our most fun visit EVAH! I’m not quite sure why it was better than previous … Continue reading

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Germ warfare and sibling rivalry

A few years ago, I witnessed an interaction between two of my nephews that resulted in a moment of pure blinding insight into my own childhood. We were staying at Mr E Man’s sister’s place over Christmas, as were his … Continue reading

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Days of hours of minutes

A blog buddy (who may or may not wish to identify themselves in the comments) posted a wee ditty on their Facebook page recently that rang very true indeed: just received something from a fellow sufferer that will only be … Continue reading

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Making a difference

Hey, remember my colleague* who did the fundraising bike ride to Seattle with me and was the star of my video? (Here’s the video again) Well, he’s all over the news this week thanks to his two very, very interesting … Continue reading

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Science Idol

The BBC’s “Science and Environment” RSS feed included a real gem today*: news of a competition in which members of the public were asked to submit ideas for research projects. The four winners will be mentored by experts in their … Continue reading

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Memes as mental fibre

Right after EcoGeoFemme pointed out that there haven’t been many memes circulating recently, Amanda went and tagged me for one! The assignment is to write about seven things that I’ve never talked about in my blog. This is a tricky … Continue reading

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