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"But the thing you don’t realize is that there’s good naked and bad naked"

I came home from work last night to find Mr E Man watching one of those survival shows on the Discovery Channel. Some testosterony chap was striding around the Namibian desert killing snakes and being condescending in a way that … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: the good science, the bad science, and the ugly

Inspired by Science Bear’s epic book review post, here are three very overdue book reviews of my own! The Good Science Dry Store Room No.1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum, by Richard Fortey. I first visited the … Continue reading

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Tuesday pet peeve: noisy neighbours

We’re avoiding the worst effects of the (now thankfully waning) heatwave by sleeping in the spare bedroom, which is much cooler than our own. However, last night’s attempt at a good night’s sleep was a massive FAIL. It is NOT … Continue reading

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Windows on Vancouver

This is the Little Mountain public housing complex in East Vancouver. My fellow X-Philes may recognise Little Mountain as one of the locations in last year’s “I Want to Believe”. It was used as the exterior set for the lodgings … Continue reading

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Some laws are made to be broken

Like laws that impose a statute of limitations on genocide. They should put this guy on trial.

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Three people…

…who I wish would shuffle off into the obscurity of history. The Pope, for speaking out against condom distribution in Africa (abstinence is the answer, apparently). Canada’s Science Minister, Gary Goodyear, for showing the tell-tale signs of being a creationist … Continue reading

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OK Mr Harper, so it’s UNDEMOCRATIC for elected MPs to form a coalition to defeat your government, but it’s somehow perfectly fine to get your boss to suspend Parliament so you can avoid a vote that you’re sure to lose? … Continue reading

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Heads will roll…

While our American friends are off enjoying their turkey, would any Canadians care to join me in a political rant? A while ago, at the time of the Canadian general election (remember that? Anyone?), I blogged about a slimeball politician … Continue reading

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So sad

Snapped 15 minutes ago on my phone, right outside my office. I wonder what the story is? How angry or otherwise messed up does a person have to be to trash a musical instrument? Especially a child’s musical instrument? (For … Continue reading

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Does not compute…

The following is a true account of a conversation I had a few years ago. I was in the middle of writing my PhD thesis, and was procrastinating by having coffee with a postdoc from the neighbouring lab. I’d always … Continue reading

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