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Birds of a feather

If I’d been born in the Middle Ages, I would have been lucky to reach adulthood. If I had made it that far, I’d almost certainly have promptly died in childbirth, or from bubonic plague, or something of that nature. … Continue reading

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Geek tourism

I’m back, and ready to lightly and cheerily distract people from their woes! We had a great time in England – in fact, it was our most fun visit EVAH! I’m not quite sure why it was better than previous … Continue reading

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Blogrolling: for the readers among my readers

Judging by the comments on my book review posts, and the book reviews I’ve seen many of you write on your own blogs, there are lots of fiction fans here at Occam’s Typewriter! So I’d like to refer you to … Continue reading

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Book ’em!

Well, the bookcase Mr E Man got me for Christmas may not have been a surprise, but it sure is awesome! Before: + During: (She also hopped into the dresser while I was emptying it, but I didn’t manage to … Continue reading

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FOR I AM ALL-POWERFUL Until this week, I would have said that my super-powers are limited to the following: Locating any spider’s web within a 5 metre radius, using only my face Locating submerged rocks in the ocean, using only … Continue reading

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The trouble with Wyndham

I have a shelf in a bookcase in a bedroom in Yorkshire. It’s labelled “to take to Canada”, and is still stacked with a large number of my favourite books. Every time my parents are getting ready to visit, they … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zombies and Ninjas and Balls, Oh My!

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies“, by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith In 2001, or thereabouts, I took a trip from Glasgow down to Oxford to meet up with some high school friends. I was horribly hungover, but luckily the first … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: the good science, the bad science, and the ugly

Inspired by Science Bear’s epic book review post, here are three very overdue book reviews of my own! The Good Science Dry Store Room No.1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum, by Richard Fortey. I first visited the … Continue reading

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Book meme!

Canuck-hater and soon-to-be Invading Yankee Imperialist DuWayne has tagged me with a book meme. The official rules are “list fifteen books that had the most profound impact on you – ones you can think of in fifteen minutes or less.” … Continue reading

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Book Review: Coils of the Serpent

I came across this book through a rather unusual channel – the author, Raymond Clark Lutz, emailed me after reading one of my blog posts and deciding that I reminded him of one of the characters in his new novel. … Continue reading

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