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Present tense

It was my Dad’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and after some thought and some time on the Amazon website I decided to buy him the History of the World in 100 Objects book; I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the radio … Continue reading

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A proposal for an improved curriculum vitae format

Let’s face it, the tired old standards of education, employment history, and achievements in each role really just aren’t that helpful during the hiring process. Sure, they’re necessary data points, but they’re by no means sufficient. You and your team … Continue reading

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All media can be social media

One of the themes of the last year or so is that a lot of my traditionally solitary pursuits suddenly seem to have become much more social. The biggest difference is my job, but my evenings and weekends are also … Continue reading

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Fight the Future

Last Saturday was my second time at Vancouver Change Camp and, just like the first time, it was a day full of very thought-provoking sessions about how ordinary people can change their world for the better. The last event took … Continue reading

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RBO Work

Lots of things going on, but nothing substantial enough for a stand-alone post. So here are some bullets! Having read numerous articles about how bad it is for you to sit all day, even if you’re very active at other … Continue reading

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Coach’s corner

I started writing this as part of a RBO Work Stuff post, but it got way too long so I’m making it into a stand-alone item. I’ll post the rest of the stuff tomorrow… probably… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m taking a great … Continue reading

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The tartle response

The Rock Paper Cynic comic titled “That Awkward Zombie Apocalypse Survival Moment When…” would soooo happen to me. I really am awful; I usually need to meet a new person at least two or three times, within a short period … Continue reading

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99% Oblivious

One of the podcasts to which I subscribe is called 99% Invisible – “a tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world.” Each episode covers an aspect of design that someone outside the … Continue reading

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I AM CANADA (and so can you!)

Those of you who share my appreciation of the peak of Western civilisation that is Twitter may have come across a series of accounts that represent a given country, with one citizen of that country taking over the account each … Continue reading

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Temporospatial trends in germophobia

One of the cultural differences I noticed soon after I moved from Britain to Canada is how people treat you if you say you have a cold or other minor ailment. In the UK, my experience is that friends, family, … Continue reading

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