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The (author)shipping news

(please excuse the rampant self-promotion that follows) Well well well, what do we have here? But wait! There’s more! When I moved from a postdoctoral position to a job in biotech marketing in 2005, I thought my publishing days were … Continue reading

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Please tell me this isn’t really a frequently asked question

(from the Canadian Common CV FAQ page)

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For whom the NHL polls

From the NHL website* today: Well I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced! Looking forward to watching the Canucks-Flames game dahn the pub with Modscientist, Lavaland and Beth on Saturday… 40% of hockey pool contestants agree that it will … Continue reading

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That’s a new one

Also seen: “five hundred thousand cells”; “fifty micrograms”; “forty eight hours”. Amazingly enough, I was able to cut the length of the Materials and Methods section by more than twenty one percent >21%.

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Could this be…

…the most useless list of spellcheck suggestions of all time? (I’m sure a tamarind genome sequence is in the works, somewhere…) …the worst possible weather in which to be running around collecting grant signatures from PIs in three different buildings? … Continue reading

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If only everyone knew how easy it can be to solve complex, deap-seated medical problems! Looks legit – it’s on Wikipedia, after all. I mean, sure, there’s a disclaimer – but they only have to put those in for legal … Continue reading

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Things to do in ‘couver when you’re weird

These ads that appeared in my Facebook feed the other day confuse and frighten me: I hadn’t realised that breeding grotesquely oversized kittehs was A Thing in Vancouver… or maybe that’s just what happens when you buy breakthrough peptide-based treatments … Continue reading

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LabLit: like a boss

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Weight, watt?

From an automatic pre-send spell check of an email I sent today, asking a PI for guidance on some subfield-specific terminology: Very helpful. In other news, I learned today that my online life is benefiting my career: years of experience … Continue reading

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