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Why do these things always sneak up on me?!

It can’t just be me, surely… This time tomorrow I’ll be on a 10 hour flight to London, where I will see my sister for the first time in more than two years, and meet up with old friends and … Continue reading

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Are left-wingers more creative? Are multi-party systems superior to two-party systems? Do provocative titles attract more readers and comments?

Let’s see: a Canadian federal election, an electoral reform referendum in the UK, a new opposition leader and talk of an early provincial election in British Columbia, and lots of coverage of the likely US Republican party presidential candidates, all … Continue reading

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Why a three-year PhD is not necessarily shite

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting to a student in my department who’s just starting to write her thesis, and I mentioned that I wrote mine in three months, from start to finish. Several heads in the vicinity … Continue reading

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In teh Grauniad

When I was about 15, our local paper ran a special schools edition. They approached English teachers around the city, asking them to contribute pieces written by local students, and my teacher picked an essay I’d written. The essay was … Continue reading

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Now that’s an odd name for a dog.

Weird that they didn’t give the photographer’s name, eh? (Awesome photo, though, that is in danger of making this Yorkshire lass feel homesick. Check out the series – there are some stunning shots included in the slide show).

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TMA: Too Many Acronyms

My Computer files and email inbox are awash, overflowing, drowning in the acronyms used by various funding agencies, academic institutes, media outlets, and assorted other organisations. I’m sure many of my readers have the same issue. However, my problem is … Continue reading

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More fun with logos

In searching for a better version of the London 2012 logo to use in my last post, I came across some real gems in Google Images. I think we all looked at the original logo and thought “hell, I could … Continue reading

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2012 LOLympics

I have had an incredibly hard time not laughing out loud at my desk today. If you thought the London 2010 Olympic logo was bad (and it really, really is), you should see the mascots! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!! What the fuck were … Continue reading

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Democracy in the UK

Me: “So what are you going to do today?” Dad: “Stay here and watch the election coverage on the internet” Yup, it’s election time in the UK! I’m not voting, because I don’t think it’s fair for people to influence … Continue reading

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I’ve wanted a tattoo for, ooh, about ten years. Not just any old tattoo, though – one that means something to me, that commemorates a specific event. Initially, I decided that I’d get one when I got my PhD. But … Continue reading

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